About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Anadi Misra, and if you couldn't tell by now, food is literally my life, whether it's thinking about a new dish I want to make or thinking about the next meal or snack I'll be eating! I'm so excited when it's time to plan the groceries, diving my nose right into a great cookbook or look up a variety of food blogs for some inspiration. I'm so happy to be sharing my culinary journey with you all, and I'm excited to see where this road leads to! 

I was born in New Delhi, India and was raised by a large family of foodies! Since I was a toddler, I had a strong desire of spending all day in the kitchen. I watched my family members as they cooked and wanted to eat everything in sight! I observed my mom watching video recipes by one of her favourite chefs, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana, and diligently taking notes. I also loved going out to eat with my family, experiencing new dishes and falling in love all over again with old favourites. 

I'm 22 years old now and living in Ottawa, Canada . I arrived here at the end August 2013 to study computer engineering. What made me choose engineering? Well, I was told that I was good with computers, and coupled with an interest in video games at the time, I thought it was a perfect fit. 

As I began my studies, my eating habits took a large toll. I would either opt to eat at the campus cafeteria, order take out or go out, or eat frozen and packaged foods. After a few months, enough was enough. I was longing for the simple eating pleasures I had back in India and wanted to revisit my favourite meals all over again. Disappointed by the lack of authenticity of Indian restaurants, I knew I would have to take matters into my own hands and prepare dishes myself. My first dish was butter chicken. Yep, I skipped all the baby steps to cooking and went all in right away, despite being in a university residence for that matter too! I looked to Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana's recipe for inspiration in addition to asking my dear family chef for some tips for the vegetarian version of the dish, paneer makhani, which has the same gravy as butter chicken. In my residence's kitchen, my floor mates were eager to try and they found it amazing! I was still on a quest to perfect my butter chicken and to cook other exquisite meals for myself. I still wasn't fully devoted yet, but I would make some other chicken curries and pasta dishes. 

Meeting my girlfriend of four years in 2014 gave me additional motivation to learn even more dishes and cook more frequently. I began my quest for the perfect pizza and still was striving for perfection in my butter chicken. She told her family about my love for cooking and was always so excited to try new foods, even though she was previously a picky eater! When I first cooked for her family, I remember very clearly they told her afterward "This boy is in the wrong field. He is simply too talented and it would be a shame if he didn't do anything about it." I was so passionate about cooking that I knew I had to give it equal attention - and I certainly wanted to! In 2016 I got my first job as a sushi cook at a start-up restaurant, and later that year I got another job as a sushi chef and line cook at the restaurant where I'm still working.

Furthermore, at the beginning of 2017, I began posting my daily creations on Instagram, being encouraged by my girlfriend and sister. I began this blog and my YouTube channel in the spring of 2017. I first wanted to share my recipes with the world because I found that there was very little good information online about proper Indian cooking. Then, it grew into a motivation for myself to always learn and to help others cook great food no matter the circumstances. I hope you all find my recipes helpful and tasty and will join me in my culinary journey! 

The photo below illustrates one of my proudest achievements so far: Making 8 pizzas for a family get-together. It was intense but I did it and they all turned out lovely! Next time I gotta beat that record with 10! 


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