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How to Make the Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

Hey everyone! This recipe for simple scrambled eggs is all you need for the perfect breakfast this morning!

Do you want to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs you've ever had with no lumps? Then this recipe is for you! This is a super simple and quick way to make basic scrambled eggs that will be sure to satisfy your cravings for a delicious breakfast, and be sure to serve it with some hot bread and butter! Scrambled eggs can be a bit of a struggle, but with this recipe, you'll no longer have any lumps and they will be so fluffy and creamy. You don't need any fancy ingredients, just follow the technique in the video and you'll be all set for perfect scrambled eggs on any occasion!

Get your pot ready and have some fun watching these eggs become fluffy! Enjoy them however you like!

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  • 4 Eggs
  • 2 T Butter
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 T Chives, chopped



  1. Break the eggs into a pan and then bring the stove on high heat (leave the pot on the counter while the stove heats).
  2. Bring the pot to the stove and start whisking the eggs together.
  3. Add in half of the butter and continue whisking.
  4. All throughout the cooking process, as soon as you feel eggs getting stuck to the pan as they are cooking, bring it off the heat and stir well.
  5. Bring back to the heat and continue cooking.
  6. Once the eggs start to form curds, switch to a spatula. Add in the remaining butter, salt and pepper and continue stirring and mixing, making sure to take it off the heat if the eggs start to get stuck.
  7. Once the eggs are thick and creamy, bring it off the heat and add in fresh chives. Serve hot on a nicely toasted bun and enjoy :)

Serves 2