Anadi Misra, April 2 2019

Curtis Stone DuraBake Pans - THE BEST ONES YET!

I have to admit, your skepticism when it comes to cookware or bakeware by celebrity chefs is well justified. At least for me, it is so much hard for me to take them seriously since the line between culinary skills and need for fame may overpower their true feels towards a product. If I was shopping for a deep dish pan or even a regular sheet pan, I would never look twice at one sold by a celebrity chef. That was until the day I received these sets of beautiful DuraBake pans by Curtis Stone. 

P.S. If you'd rather listen to this product review, then check out my video here! 

Some Background - And Product Fears!  

Before I get started, I need to clarify my history with Curtis Stone! I simply adore the guy, I first saw him in a few episodes of the popular show “The Biggest Loser”. 

His presence was inspiring, style remarkable and the “healthy” dishes he cooked up for the contestants looked impeccable. This show is where my knowledge of Curtis Stone from the down under started and ended. 

 So I was talking about these beautiful, and might I mention stunning red set of pans with a smooth, glossy finish! These pans nailed it when it came to first impressions! But don’t they all? The first few months of magic always seem to turn into uglier blemishes with you fighting in “sticky” situations before you dump the pan for a new one. And then round and round it goes like a carousel. 

My excitement led me to seek out reviews and feedback from others on YouTube, where I was introduced to the cheeky TV commercials of Chef Curtis Stone demonstrating the many wonders of his DuraBake line of bakeware. 

His excitement was infectious but I was still sceptical. The pans claimed to have the best non-stick coating, easy to clean and versatility; from caramel to cheesy pasta just sliding out of the pan. It is truly fun to see all these dishes which you are sure would stick just slide out. I did not believe the commercial at first either, but after using it, it is truly like magic!'

My first dish that used the large round pan was a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza, as you can see from my Instagram post!

The pan is perfect to make a pizza large enough to feed a family of 6, which means easy cleanup and a ton of convenience. Might I add this was my first time creating a hunk of meaty and cheese pie such as this, the pan really helped make pizza night truly memorable! The crust came out to a perfect golden brown crispy, and the pan cooked the dough so well that I had to cut the cooking time by half! Finally, I was able to easily slide the giant pizza off the pan without much effort. I've also tried the perforated pizza pan and that has worked amazingly well, as you can also see below. 

So Who Is This Pan Perfect For?

This set of pans is great for anyone who loves easy cleanup and  beautiful, evenly cooked food. Also, when it comes to meal prep, the large sheet pans are an absolute must to fit enough food on a pan to almost last a week. I am looking to expand my collection of Curtis Stone’s DuraBake bakeware by purchasing the small round pans to create the most amazing pan pizzas at home. The DuraBake line also serves as an incredible stepping stone to those home cooks who are just setting out in their culinary journey and would like to invest in their kitchen. The price range is modest and the quality incredible. I believe DuraBake is an excellent product to get the basics right before upgrading to more high quality products such as USA Pans. I highly recommend this product. However, these pans do have a few quirks, quite like anything else in life. 

The red coating, which might be the the non stick layer comes off way to easily if you are not careful. My first try to lift my pizza over the rim, I used a butter knife which I regret now. I have read the manufacturers instructions for proper care and use and am strictly follow it. I have my pans stacked with kitchen towels preventing direct contact which can damage the nonstick coating. Also, I strictly use only silicone or wooden spoons to handle food.  They also tend be super slipper and are easy to slide on smooth countertops so be careful while handling hot food. 

That concludes my brief review for these fantastic products! If you would like to purchase these pans then definitely check them out at HSN.

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Disclaimer: This review is NOT sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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