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      Meet Anadi

Welcome to Cooking With Anadi. This platform is all about making cooking exciting and finding new ways to bring classic flavours and recipes at your service. Join me in my personal journey in the world of cooking. Hope you have a great ride!

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Looking to indulge in an Italian classic? Forget the mess of oil and enjoy the crispy chicken parmesan by baking it! This recipe is so simple and hassle free. Serve with homemade marinara sauce and spaghetti and of course, loads of parmesan

Baked Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti Marinara

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This pesto pasta with grilled chicken and green peas recipe is perfect for those in need of a quick 20-minute dinner! Check out the awesome marinade that makes the chicken so juicy and flavourful, and learn how to make an amazing basil pesto!

Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Peas

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Bring gourmet home with char-grilled lobster with chilli garlic butter, to provide immense and bold flavours. Tossed in a creamy mac and cheese and topped with toasted Panko breadcrumbs

Creamy Lobster Mac and Cheese w/ Chilli Garlic Butter

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This smoking hot recipe for pan-seared Cajun chicken served with a cajun infused marinara sauce and spaghetti. It's a great weeknight dinner and can be prepared in about 20 minutes.

Hot & Spicy Cajun Chicken Spaghetti

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This baked penne with spicy Calabrian pepper sausage is exactly what you need for dinner tonight. Calabrian sausage goes extremely well with this pasta dish, really packing in some heat that will blow your taste buds away!

Baked Penne with Spicy Calabrian Pepper Sausage